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Izzy Singer is an illustrator and comic artist in New York City. They make illustrative and sequential art using watercolors in bold hues, and cozy earth tones, with inky expressive line work. She has an affinity for telling fantasy stories as well as sharing sincere magical moments of the mundane. Themes of her work include, identity and the human experience, disabled narratives, childhood, coming of age, and folklore within a feminist lens.

Growing up in Manhattan and Queens, she was influenced heavily by New York’s vibrancy and big personalities. She struggled to communicate throughout her childhood and often felt overwhelmed by the world around her which influences her art and stories to this day. Izzy earned a BFA in animation and pre-medieval art history and theology from Sarah Lawrence, and is a FIT MFA Illustration candidate for 2024. Izzy's art has been featured on the cover of Prismatica Magazine (Issue #17), Icebreakers (Issue #2) and Decoded Pride (Issue #3). Their comic for Icebreakers was nominated for the Best of Net 2023. She is a Taurus sun, loves gluten-free pastries, knitting, and pixies. You can see more of Izzy’s art at izzysinger.com or on social media sites under @izzybleep or @izzysingerart.


Email: artisticizzy@gmail.com

Insta: @izzybleep

Twitter/X: @izzysingerart

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